Yield Farming: Migration FAQ and Patch Updates


  • Deployed new smart contract for LOA-BUSD & LOA farm
  • Implemented treasury wallet functionality for yield farming withdrawal fees
  • Implemented migration contract to enable stakers from old smart contract to claim accumulated rewards from the initial yield farming launch
  • Added “Migrate” button for affected stakers to claim rewards, unstake from the old smart contract, and directly stake to the new smart contract

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reward calculation formula due to decimal error
  • Fixed harvest reward display glitch
  • Fixed liquidity data reflection in UI
  • Fixed harvest rewards resetting after page refresh
  • Fixed harvest amount claimed with display in UI
  • Fixed annual figure data reflection in stake & unstake UI
  • Fixed decimal issue when clicking “Max”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate to the new smart contract?

  1. Click on “Migrate”
    You’ll be able to see this button under the farm tab.
  2. Approve Transactions
    Grant permission to migrate your staked tokens to the new smart contract.
  3. Voilà!
    Your rewards will now be accurately reflected.

I don’t see the “Migrate” button!

Do I need to pay any fees to migrate?

When I try to migrate, approval pop-ups keep appearing!

I’ve migrated! Why are my rewards starting at 0 again?

Why does the APR keep reducing? I thought it’s been fixed!

Is there a minimum APR?

If I stake now, will it be on the new contract?

Why should I migrate? Can I just leave my staked tokens in the old contract?



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