Watchtower Special Episode II: The Big One

Welcome to this second special episode of the Watchtower Blog series LOAders! What an incredible couple of months it has been! Our community has grown exponentially since September 27th when we officially revealed this amazing project to the world. Now — with our incredible Token Generation Event (TGE) just around the corner, we wanted to let you guys know where we are at, and what an exciting future we have ahead of us!

For today we wanted to take a moment to talk about just how amazing the buzz around our NFT public sales has been! We were truly blown away with how quickly you guys got involved and picked up these awesome NFTs! All 50 top-tier incredible and super rare Immortal Skins worth $10,000 sold out in SIX SECONDS! It literally does not get better than an Immortal Skin— they are the very best skins you can get and have huge earning potential when used to play the game or staked on our platform. The fifty individuals who managed to get hold of an Immortal Skin are truly the luckiest among us all, and we salute you!

If that wasn’t amazing enough, all 1,000 of our amazing $1000 Genesis Capsules also sold out in a staggering TEN SECONDS! One of the rarest treasures in the whole of League of Ancients, a holder of a genesis capsule can either choose to open it to reveal a guaranteed Genesis skin for a random hero, or sell it for big bucks on our amazing, upcoming marketplace! Not only an epic NFT in its own right, but the Genesis Capsule is also a crucial crafting component in fusing an Immortal skin, and the only way you can get your hands on one if you didn’t secure one in presale!

That wasn’t all. Within five minutes, all 5,100 of our incredible Alpha capsules worth $300 had been sold! These NFTs are very special in that if a LOAder holds at least one during Alpha Testing Registration they will be given an Alpha Access Key, giving them early game development! If opened, there is a chance of getting either Champion, Legendary or Mythical skin! Lastly, our amazing $30 beta capsule NFT presale — which had a staggering 70,000 NFT Skins, just ran out — in less than eight hours! Like the alpha, this will give holders of the NFT special access via a special key, this time to our amazing Beta Testing phase before the official game launch!

But our NFTs aren’t designed to just sit and look pretty in your wallet! Once you have one of these amazing digital assets, you will have a bunch of awesome options down the line, which will include staking them to earn passive rewards, using them to earn a higher number of $LOA when playing the official game, or selling and trading them on our dedicated League of Ancients NFT marketplace! And don’t forget, you will also be able to use them dynamically and seamlessly to play multiple titles as your favourite hero in our upcoming metaverse. You may have missed out on getting an NFT up until now, but don’t worry, as you still have one more chance to get your hands on either an Alpha or a Beta Capsule! Our TGE Countdown Carnival is in full swing, featuring a series of giveaways through a number of events such as Solve the Equation, Gleam Contests, and Livechat! (More details on our official Telegram and Discord channels). So, make sure you head over and get ready to win yours!

We also wanted to let you know about the announcement that Monsta Infinite have officially announced their upcoming Monsta Launchpad! As you probably know, League of Ancients has been incubated by Monsta Infinite since September 2021 and will soon feature a wide variety of meticulously hand-picked titles that will link together to theirs and our own project. In addition, Monsta Infinite will provide an opportunity for a wider distribution of $LOA tokens to our epic community. The whitelisting for our token through Monsta Infinite will begin on 10th December 2021 at 04:00 GMT+0! Make sure you don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get more $LOA! (Just head over to their official TG to find out more).

Now, we do also know that you are all super keen to find out when our official Token Generation Event (TGE) is. All we can say for now is that the wait is almost over — it is so close you can almost touch it! In fact, you will find out exactly when it is TOMORROW, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and ready for both the announcement and the brand-new article going along with it!

Lastly, we wanted to use the final part of this special Watchtower blog to thank each and every one of our incredible LOAder community. We know it’s been a crazy ride so far, and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without the support of all of you. We have such an amazing and bright future ahead of all of us, with so many exciting things around the corner (including the TGE event, which will be officially announced tomorrow) and we just are so appreciative that you have stuck with us all the way.

League of Ancients is going to be something truly special, and we fully believe it will revolutionize the crypto gaming space and become one of the biggest Free-To-Play titles in the history of gaming — and you are on that journey with us.

Big things are coming LOAders. Let’s make history together!

If you would like to find out more about League of Ancients, visit their website at, and join their Discord at or Telegram at

This article was written by the Wordsmith. Please note that the Wordsmith is not a financial advisor and nothing written above should be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research and due diligence.

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