The Future of LOA: Roadmap Adjustments and Other Updates

League of Ancients
3 min readJun 22, 2022


Hello LOAders. Today we have an extremely important announcement to make regarding League of Ancients’ roadmap. But first, we’d like to take stock of recent events that contributed towards the reevaluation of our goals and overall planning.

Recently, we kicked off the first phase of our marketplace launch with the yield farming feature, which provided the first utility for the LOA token. We ran into some unanticipated technical issues right from the beginning, including unexpected problems during the auditing process, as well as bugs during the yield farming launch itself. This resulted in delays that were not accounted for in our initial timeline.

Thankfully, within a few hours, a new smart contract was deployed to rectify the issue; to date, nearly 100% of affected users have already migrated to the new smart contract and have continued earning without any fuss.

While we are relieved that this particular speed bump has passed, this incident forced our team to pause and reevaluate the goals and milestones that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the project.

The Roadmap, Revamped

As many community members have suggested, we will be overhauling the milestones that we initially set out for the project. Soon, we will be updating our whitepaper, website, and Discord’s #roadmap channel with these changes.

We have revised the milestones into phases and broken down each phase into detail, as we understand that our community hungers for frequent updates.

On top of that, we will also be introducing more features that you have requested for. This includes a testnet and bounty system to reward the community for discovering bugs during the rollout of new features. We also plan to improve the upcoming marketplace by introducing more features and functionalities.

In addition, our Product Development Lead, Sir Ken, will begin to showcase the latest NFT marketplace-related updates while answering your queries. Our Game Development Lead, Gavin, will also be personally sharing updates from time to time. We hope that the community will use these opportunities to provide your honest feedback and help us build the great Web3 MOBA revolution that all of us have been dreaming of.


With these phases as our new guide, we will continue to work hard towards each goal while maintaining a close line of communication with the community as we progress, as our LOAders are undoubtedly the heart and soul of our project.

We understand that the changes announced today may not be well received by everyone, but we strongly believe that adjusting the roadmap is a more realistic decision to prevent further changes and subsequent disappointments down the line.

Although the team has come a long way since our inception, we realised that we have indeed been overambitious in our planning, and underestimated the scope and complexity of this project. As the pioneer of MOBA games within the crypto industry, there are countless unknowns that we encountered — and will continue to encounter — along our journey. Fortunately, these experiences will allow us to learn from our mistakes and improve at an ever-increasing pace.

Closing Words

Finally, we would like to assure you, the community, that putting power back into players’ hands by empowering them with the ability to play and earn, has always been our vision, and remains our utmost priority. Rest assured, the team is still 100% committed to making this project a success.

We would like to thank you — our valued LOAders — for all your support, feedback, criticism, and suggestions. We are extremely grateful to have a community that is so heavily invested in our project and continues to voice up, demand change, and root for us to succeed even in the most difficult of times. We will continue to strive for improvement every step of the way, and look forward to delivering a polished product that everyone can be proud to say they are a part of.

If you would like to find out more about League of Ancients, visit our website at, and join our Discord at



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