Stake2Win Withdrawal Issue: Identified and Resolved

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3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Updated 7PM UTC+8, 15 Feb 2022:
The LOA tech team has completed the airdrops for all verified support tickets, and an email has been sent out to each affected individual with the transaction receipts. If you have been affected and have yet to fill in the form, please do so before 28 February 2022.

Hello LOAders!

It has been a while since our last Medium update, but rest assured that the LOA Team has been working hard on both the game development aspect as well as the recently launched Marketplace beta.

Today, we’re here to address a more public hiccup that we’ve had pertaining to our recent Stake2Win contest, which was held from 24th December 2021 until 23rd January 2022.

The Issue

We’ve received multiple reports that users have been unable to unstake their LOA tokens even after the event has ended. The tech team immediately began investigating the issue, and after weeding out unrelated problems (such as the 30-day lock period still being in effect for users who staked later than others), we discovered that there was indeed a flaw in our smart contract.

After a thorough investigation, we discovered that the issue affects a small subset of approximately 30 participants, namely those who staked more than 2 times during the event duration.

For example: Ken stakes 100 tokens on 1st Jan and 100 tokens on 7th Jan.

  • Based on vesting rule, he can only withdraw 100 tokens on 1st Feb and 100 tokens on 7th Feb.
  • However, if he withdraws 100 tokens on 1st Feb, he is unable to withdraw from all other transactions i.e. the 7th Feb transaction.
  • If he withdraws only on 7th Feb, he can withdraw all his tokens without issue.

Due to this flaw in the smart contract, users who have attempted to withdraw before the 30-day lock period expires for their latest transaction will be unable to be withdraw the rest of the staked tokens.

The Solution

If you are one of the affected users, please do not worry as we have made arrangements to manually airdrop the remaining tokens to your wallets.

We are currently in the process of checking and validating every single complaint filed through the Google Form that was disseminated through Telegram and other social media channels. Once that process is complete, we will be contacting each affected individual to arrange the airdrop directly to their wallets. If you have been affected and have not yet filled up our Google Form, please do, so we can resolve your case as soon as possible.

As for the flaw in the smart contract, it has already been rectified by our tech team so this issue should not happen again.

In light of this issue, we would like to thank all our LOAders for your kind patience and understanding; we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and panic this has caused. The LOA Team has learned from this incident and we resolve to keep on improving so that we can deliver the best experience to our community moving forward.

On a more exciting note, our NFT marketplace will be officially launching soon, so please stay tuned for more news!

If you would like to find out more about League of Ancients, visit our website at, and join our Discord at or Telegram at



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