Outer Ring is League of Ancients’ First Staking Pool Partner

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3 min readJul 24, 2022


We’re very excited to reveal that our first staking pool partner is none other than Outer Ring, a 3rd-person sandbox action MMORPG with an open world to explore! What makes them extra interesting is the fact that they are chain-agnostic.

“But…what does that mean?”

Great question! While Outer Ring’s main token, Galactic Quadrant ($GQ), and all other resources will be on BNB Chain, users can choose which chain they want to mint the NFTs on. According to them, their marketplace will have a drop-down menu that allows users to choose which EVM-compatible chain they would like to mint their NFTs on. Bridges have already been built for Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and more, so users have the freedom of not being bound to a single ecosystem.

Having a partner with such boundless potential is exciting for us, as we foresee that our community will be thrilled to explore such a versatile new project. Likewise, we hope that Outer Ring’s community of over 70,000 users (based mostly in Europe and America) will find joy in discovering the magic of League of Ancients and join our mission of putting power back into players’ hands.

In case you missed our partner staking pool introduction that was published earlier this week, we will be joining hands with Outer Ring to host limited-time staking pools on BOTH our marketplaces!

Stake $LOA to earn $GQ

  • Where: https://marketplace.leagueofancients.com/home
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Rewards: 5k BUSD worth of $GQ distributed linearly over the staking period
  • Staking cap: Maximum 50 BUSD worth of $LOA within the first 48 hours; 150 BUSD worth of $LOA thereafter

Stake $GQ to earn $LOA

  • Where: https://dapp.outerringmmo.com/
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Rewards: 5k BUSD worth of $LOA distributed linearly over the staking period
  • Staking cap: Maximum of 49,000 $GQ tokens per wallet

We are positive that partner staking pools will facilitate the cross-pollination of audiences between LOA and our partner projects, thus increasing our token holders as well as TVL exponentially, leading to an increase of investor confidence and project stability over time.

Curious to find out more about Outer Ring? We will be hosting an AMA session featuring David Noya, Outer Ring’s Community Manager, on 27th July at 12pm UTC. There will be $GQ tokens and Outer Ring NFTs up for grabs, so don’t forget to submit your questions here and tune in to our Twitter Spaces when it goes live!

In the meantime, you may read up about Outer Ring by heading over to their website or checking our their whitepaper.

To find out how to stake on our partner staking pools, you may refer to this guide.

If you would like to find out more about League of Ancients, visit our website at www.leagueofancients.com, and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/loa



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