A Long-Awaited Update: Where is the NFT Marketplace?

The issues faced

By early March, the interface and functionalities of our NFT Marketplace were already completed and ready for roll-out — in fact, a mid-March launch looked extremely promising. However, that dream soon evaporated as we dove deeper into our testing and QC phase. This was roughly around the time we announced the first delay.

The steps we have taken

One of the most basic steps is of course, having our smart contracts audited by professionals to identify loopholes and flaws. Our marketplace smart contract has undergone (and is still undergoing) several rounds of audits by multiple parties to ensure that it is as airtight as it can be. Despite the heavy costs incurred (each round of audit can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000), it is but a small price to pay to ensure that our community has the safest and best possible experience on our marketplace.

Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea

As the end of March approached, we asked ourselves: is it really worth throwing caution to the wind just to maintain our flawless streak of hitting milestones? Do we really want to risk our users’ safety just to maintain a facade of infallibility? Are we really that dependable if we are trading long-term security for short-term triumphs?

So, WHEN exactly will the marketplace launch?

After this incident, we are now wary of making promises. Although we will not promise you an exact date, what we can promise you is that we are all hands on deck to launch the NFT Marketplace as soon as humanly possible, even if we have to sacrifice sleep, sanity, and potentially spouses to do it. (Yeah, we are all married to LOA now.)

Website Revamp WIP — goodbye snowy landscape



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